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Breakthrough technology for turfgrass soil conditioning

💡 Most of the soil conditioning formulas may exhibit a lack of repeatability of use due to the fact that the action is based on the selected mechanism of regulating growth processes.

🌾 As the growing conditions of plants often vary in different locations and times of the season, the effects of treatment may not be satisfactory.

C4L Technology is a unique complex of carefully identified compositions, including:

✔️ flavonoids - a group of natural plant metabolites thought to provide health benefits through cell signaling and antioxidant effects,

✔️ flavanones - polyphenolic compounds found, known for regulating redox homeostasis,

✔️ saponins - complex glycosidic compounds found in many higher plants) are known for their fungistatic activity,

✔️ free amino acids - organic substances that are the 'building blocks' for the synthesis of vitamins, proteins, and nucleotides.

🧬 These active compounds have tremendous effects on the basic metabolism of plant cells and maintaining a soil natural balance.

🎯 The action of C4L technology involves:

1️⃣ Enhanced gene up- and downregulation to reflect the true genotype of the plan.

2️⃣ Optimized of plant growth and reproduction.

3️⃣ Optimized fruit development and quality.

4️⃣ Optimized resilience against biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

🔎 C4L Technology has been now employed for proprietary soil conditioner formula - CHAMPION.

📈 Try it on your turfgrass management and you will see the difference!

This brand-new product is coming soon, pre-order CHAMPION now.

Contact us for more details!


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