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Eckol: a sea of support for stronger, more stress-resilient plants

📚 Eckol is a type of phlorotannin, a class of polyphenolic compounds that are found in brown algae, such as Ecklonia maxima.

💪 These compounds have been shown to have biostimulant effects on plant metabolism.

🌱 Eckol demonstrated an auxin-like activity that result in an increased number and length of roots, shoot elongation, and seedling biomass.

🛡️ It was also proven that seawed-derived eckol improves the photosynthetic activity by the increase in the concentration of chlorophyll in plant tissue, and positively affects natural plant defense mechanisms against biotic stress.

➡️ UKELP is a liquid kelp suspension based on Ecklonia Maxima obtained from the clean, cold waters off the Atlantic Coast of Southern Africa. Contact us to ask for more details or discuss the possibility of direct supply.


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