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Turfgrass irrigation can make easy & eco-friendly

💡 Wetting agents are used to improve turfgrass management by facilitating the even distribution of the water across the surface of the grass and helping the water to penetrate the soil more easily.

⚙️The action of wetting agents relies on the ability in lowering the surface tension of water which allows it to spread more easily and evenly.

📋 The benefits of the use of wetting agents include:

✔️ improvement of the uptake of water during initial wetting,

✔️ optimization of the movement of water in the substrate which improves the re-wetting of over-dry plants,

✔️ limiting the consumption of water resources for irrigation spray.

🎯 This helps to improve the water uptake by the turfgrass, which can help to improve the overall health and appearance of the turfgrass.

➡️ Our product portfolio will soon be enriched with a new product - Super Surfer - dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of turfgrass irrigation sprays. Additional details coming soon. Stay tuned!

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