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Trawa Bliska

Liquid soil aeration

Including Aloe Gel with microbial activation

OxyTurf 20L Label

For details on crop application rates please refer to the label

OxyTurf Sensitivity & Phytotoxicity trial

The trial aims to assess the percolation effects of OxyTurf at various concentration rates on soil structure and water movement in sports turf ecosystems.


Based on natural
plant extracts


Dedicated to the turfgrass care


Improvement of soil aeration


Activation of beneficial microbes

Slow release oxygen and beneficial microbial activation


Patented formula of extracts from a unique blend of naturally occurring plant species.
The process of extraction is solely mechanical, using low heating to maintain the full biological activity of the extract.



  1. Slow-released oxygen (O2) enables a proper oxygenation of plant root system and access of oxygen to aerobic soil microbes.

  2. Stimulation of enzymatic and antoxidant activity improves the metabolic processes and alleviates the negative effects of stress exposure. 

  3. Effect on soil conditioning, improvement of soil structure and stabilization of beneficial soil microbial communities.

  4. Synergistic effects of other phytochemicals and minerals originating from natural plant extracts on plant homeostasis.

oxy turf golf field.png

What is special about OxyTurf?

OxyTurf achieves excellent, sustainable results by providing the soil with slow-release oxygen
and activated aerobic microbes. Based on a patented formula of extracts from a special blend
of naturally occurring plants, OxyTurf stimulates microbial digestive activity, resulting
in the reduction of organic build-up and thatch beneath the surface layer.


This high-performance solution kick-starts de-compaction of the thatch in the soil profile, unblocking pores
and improving percolation. Dead zones and black layer dissipate and are replaced
with a revitalised, positive aerobic ecosystem.


OxyTurf enables nutrients, additives and fertilizers to penetrate the soil profile homogeneously,
where they are absorbed by the root systems far more efficiently. You can expect roots
to increase in volume and mass, providing sturdy turf and a better playing surface


1️) Oxygen is necessary for the process of respiration,
which allows plants to convert energy from nutrients into usable forms.

2️) Oxygen helps to support the growth and development of root systems, 
which are essential for the uptake of water and nutrients.

3️) Proper oxygenation of the roots helps to prevent root rot,
which can be caused by excess moisture and a lack of oxygen.

4️) Lack of proper oxygenation can lead to stunted growth and reduced yield in some plants.

5️) Oxygen supply support the growth and activity of beneficial aerobic soil bacteria.

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