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A Revolutionary Agro Solution for Water Body Remediation

Sludge Buster 20L Label

For details on crop application rates please refer to the label


Based on natural
plant extracts


Dedicated to the aquaculture and water reservoirs


Improvement of water quality


Reduces algae blooms and risks of disease outbreak

Experience the Power of Sludge Buster

Sludge Buster is a product derived from the specialised plant materials and fibers found in the Makro ORganics product range. When these materials are milled together, they create a formulation that facilitates the biodegradation process over time. This process fosters the growth of a diverse and beneficial biomass consisting of microbes and fungi. The resulting mixture is then utilized in water bodies, substrata, and filtration systems.

The mode of action of Sludge Buster involves several key mechanisms that contribute to improving water quality and addressing the issues commonly associated with polluted water bodies, including eutrophication, algae blooms, turbidity, and unpleasant odors. The benefits of Sludge Buster to such water bodies are as follows:

Enhanced microbial activity:

  • The rich biomass of beneficial microbes and fungi cultivated by Sludge Buster actively breaks down organic sludge and pollutants present in the water bodies. This increased microbial activity accelerates the degradation of organic matter, including excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which contribute to eutrophication.

Nutrient reduction:

  • Sludge Buster promotes the natural process of nutrient cycling by effectively reducing macro and micronutrient buildups in the water. Excessive nutrient levels are often responsible for fueling the growth of harmful algal blooms. By reducing nutrient availability, Sludge Buster helps mitigate the occurrence and intensity of these blooms, subsequently enhancing water quality and clarity.

Filtration and sediment remediation:

  • The presence of the Sludge Buster mixture in substrata and filtration systems aids in the physical filtration and adsorption of suspended particles and pollutants. This action reduces turbidity (murkiness) in the water, leading to improved clarity and visual aesthetics. By trapping and immobilizing pollutants, the mixture contributes to the overall remediation of sediment and helps restore the ecological balance of the water body.

Odor control:

  • Sludge Buster's biodegradation process significantly reduces the presence of organic compounds responsible for unpleasant odors in polluted water bodies. As the organic sludge and pollutants are broken down by the microbial activity, foul odors associated with decaying organic matter are diminished, leading to a more pleasant and tolerable environment.

By utilizing Sludge Buster in polluted water bodies, agronomists can expect notable improvements in water quality parameters, including reduced eutrophication, mitigation of algae blooms, enhanced clarity, and the elimination of foul odors. This innovative approach harnesses the power of beneficial microbes and fungi, along with the natural degradation capacity of plant-based materials, to address the specific challenges faced by polluted water bodies, creating a more balanced and healthier aquatic ecosystem.

Image by Ever Omar Laura Perez


Approved for use in organic systems in accordance with EC regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 by Organic Farmers & Growers.

Image by Sora Sagano
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